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Digital Flipchart

Know the Samsung Flip 55", which not only projects your presentation from your cell phone or notebook, but also allows you to enjoy the familiar and natural sensation of traditional writing in a versatile digital format, with various colors, styles and widths at your disposal.

Through the broad connectivity of the Samsung Flip, you and your team can share and make notes on a variety of content files – all without compromising on visual quality.

Start meetings on time and without delays due to initialization. Embedded sensors activate the Flip screen when the user moves close to the screen, when the pen is picked up or when alternating between landscape and portrait modes, allowing you and your coworkers to start a new discussion or pick up where you left off.

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Samsung Flip

Facial recognition for events

Facial recognition is no longer a thing of the future and has become normal in our daily lives. The most amazing thing is that this new technology has also transformed the world of events. Facial recognition can now be seen as the most advanced resource used in event security.

Everyone wants their event to be recognized as being well-organized, structured and innovative. Yet can you think of a way to prevent the same credential from being used by two people without causing major embarrassment?

Simple: by using facial recognition when admitting participants at the entrance, exchange of badges or credentials becomes impossible. Exclusive events for paying participants or which have confidential content are therefore solely and exclusively reserved to those in the system's database. This is just one benefit of this innovation. Contact us to learn more.

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Reconhecimento facial


Projection at events is, without question, one of the most important items making an impact on the audience. After all, this is where all eyes will be looking.

Quality, clarity and innovation are just some of the factors that professional projection should have.

We have domestic and imported equipment: projectors, screens, Switcher, Kramer, plasmas, video wall, mapping, watchout and spider.

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R1 - Projeção


The sound system is essential to the success of the project at any type of event.

There is nothing worse than going to a lecture or meeting and not being able to hear the speaker clearly or through noise. This creates discomfort and distracts the listener.

That is why we are always looking for innovations and working with the best sound equipment, such as: digital mixing board, Line Array, CDJ, mixer, speakers and microphone.

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R1 - Sonorização


It may not seem like it, but lighting is part of what makes an event comfortable.

When lighting is done by specialized professionals, it provides comfort for guests, making them feel they are in a welcoming environment. This is in addition to creating an impact in each setting, whether in an indoor or outdoor location.

We work with professional lighting and high-tech equipment for: outdoor and indoor environments, settings, staging with LED reflectors, spotlight, fresnel and ellipsoidal.

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R1 - Iluminação

Filming and Simultaneous Broadcasting

Live Streaming já é uma tendência em eventos corporativos. Ela gera mais engajamento do público, aumenta a escalabilidade do evento e gera transparência.

Utilizar essa tecnologia de maneira profissional e com qualidade é saber inovar em sua comunicação e em seu evento.  

Conseguimos executar esse serviço com: Streaming II e câmeras digitais.

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R1 - Filmagem e Transmissão Simultânea

Simultaneous Translation

Corporate events have grown more and more international, which means that simultaneous translation services are fundamental.

Simultaneous translation takes place in tandem, so that the speaker does not need to pause when speaking. In order for this to happen with quality, qualified translators and modern equipment are necessary.

For this service, we have: translation booth, receivers, transmission unit and qualified professionals.

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R1 - Tradução simultânea


Much more than décor, scenography is the art and technique of representing a perspective. It makes it so that a visitor to an event is incorporated into the theme proposed and feels acclimated there.

Scenography for corporate events should be innovative, creative, surprising and, above all, practically assembled and disassembled.

Innovating yet again and seeking excellence in our services and products, we have fabricated our own ecoefficient tensioned lycra using a simple assembly system. We work with: adhesive fabric, printed carpet, revolving overhead banners, box truss, tensioned lycra, customized projects, stages and podiums.

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R1 - Cenografia


What would the world of events be without technology and computing, right?

We are able to serve every need, from board or shareholder meetings to major conferences and events.

We know how to calculate the needs for each corporate moment and rely on the best computing equipment: tablets, notebooks, desktops, printers and peripherals.

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Accessories are just as important as the main parts and for us they deserve the same value and attention.

This is a detail that oftentimes goes unnoticed at an event, but when it is lacking, it can throw a wrench into your entire project. That is why care must be taken when choosing your event's accessories.

We provide the following accessories: flipchart, videoke, audio conferencing, walkie-talkies and banner holders.

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Virtual Reality

Always in search of something innovative, we’ve brought virtual reality to corporate events and trade shows.

Through it, we are able to create a unique and memorable experience for users, who undergo virtual immersion. From a preview of what your event will be like to providing your event's visitor with an innovative experience. To do this, we've developed: customized virtual reality projects for your event.

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R1 - Realidade Virtual



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