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Audiovisual Projection

Create an interactive challenge using projection to surprise your audience

What is audiovisual projection?

One of the main aims at a corporate event is to create positive buzz for your brand or business. Likewise, the idea is to build loyalty among participants, making a good impression and guaranteeing that everyone attends the next edition of the event. With this in mind, projection can be an optimal resource for offering a playful and surprising experience to people who have never experienced something similar.

Projection is attracting more and more event enthusiasts and is, without question, one of the most important items making an impact on the audience. After all, this is where everyone's attention will be focused.

Have you ever thought about how creative it would be to set up an entrance to an event where the goal is shown to the audience right away in an unusual manner? Or maybe set up a wall that conveys the message desired as participants play with it.

Whether it is interactive, mapped or holographic, projection can be applied to regular or irregular surfaces.

Quality, clarity and innovation are just some of the factors that professional projection should have.

Types of projections

Mapped Projection

Also known as Video Mapping, it consists of projecting content on a wide variety of surfaces (regular, irregular, tables, vehicles, building façades, walls, floor, etc.).


Also called holographic projection, it is done using a 3D (three dimensional) image, obtained from the projection of light on two dimensional figures. Holographs seem like realistic "illusions," reproducing images that were originally two dimensional or even three dimensional in 3D.

Interactive Projection

If the idea is interaction, this kind of projection is a hit at every age. It works with the projection of an image that can be done on a variety of surface types, using a projector attached overhead and an infrared camera that captures movements and sends them to special software for analysis, creating interaction with the projected images or sounds.

Video Wall

Also called a display wall, this is a way to project digital content for your business in a very attractive way. The video wall consists of a system where many screens are placed close together, creating the effect of a single large screen. It uses Digital Signage technology. Widely used at trade shows, shows and events with large stages.

How can projection be used?

It is already a recognized fact that the best possible experience must be offered to build customer loyalty and to achieve absolute success at an event. Within this scenario, projection is an excellent ally. After all, by capturing the guests' attention visually, you will be able to establish and propagate your event's proposal in their minds for a longer time and further into the future.

Some situations where various types of projections can be applied:

  • Trade Shows and Corporate Events
  • Shows
  • Marketing Initiatives
  • Product/brand launches
  • Awards

Content for projection

Want to use projection at your event, but you're not sure how?

Projection can be a great ally in provoking different sensations and impressions among participants at an event. Whether on the floor or wall, the countless possibilities that it offers allows you to create experiences that were previously unimaginable.

R1 Audiovisual develops the entire project, from conception of the idea to production of the content that will be projected, up to total execution at the location.

We are experienced with launching ventures, brands, sales conventions, store openings, thematic parties and shows.

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