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R1 Audiovisual Solutions and Planning for Corporate Events..

We do more than just renting or delivering equipment; we care about the success of your event.  

That is why we get involved and plan every stage, so that project execution is perfect.

Fundação da R1 Soluções Audiovisuais

Founding of R1 Soluções Audiovisuais.
Our goal was to resolve equipment and event assembly needs.

specialized in tensioned fabric

R1 acquires the
TES – Cenografia EcoEficiente company.
specialized in tensioned fabric

Reference in the events market

We became a reference in the events market
and are always looking to reach new heights
and achieve new challenges.

42 Labs

42 Labs was created by the Group, specializing in technological applications to create innovative experiences.

We have worked in the technology market for corporate events for 14 years. We have offices in 4 cities: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Recife.

We work with a variety of projects, such as:

  • Fraternizations
  • Trade shows and events
  • Talks and seminars
  • Workshops and  training

Our 3 pillars are:

  • High technology
  • Exclusive service
  • Team motivation

R1 Soluções Audiovisuais Group Companies

TES - Cenografia

TES Cenografia is a leading company in Brazil in scenography and visual communications, with printed tension fabric in large formats for trade shows, events, scenography, POS and Mall.

Prime Geradores

Prime Geradores is a consolidated company specializing in rental of electrical power generators. The company has state-of-the-art technology, with equipment from major international suppliers at various voltages, with generators from 50 up to over 2,000 KVA.

42 Labs

42 Labs is a company specializing in the technology applications market, creating innovative experiences capable of exploring the infinite worlds of the imagination. Focused on immersive experiences, virtual reality, augmented reality, gamification and much more.

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Some of the people who make R1. There's much more!

Our team is extremely qualified and committed to event quality and punctuality. Our account executives will take care of every step in your project, guaranteeing that everything takes place within the scope approved.

Raffaele Cecere

President and Co-founder

Rodrigo Caetano

COO and Co-founder

Andréia Chiarato

Commercial Director


Commercial Manager


"Everything was excellent! We could not wish any better!"

Empresa: Hayman Woodward

Judit Toth Marketing Director

 "I'd like to congratulate Vanessa on the EXCELLENT service provided. I've worked in this area for quite a while and I was surprised with her service, quality, friendliness and efficiency, while still maintaining quality; impressive, congratulations!"

Michelle Zerbeti Marketing and Executive Assistant

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