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Sales Convention

Hold an unforgettable sales convention!

Convenção de vendas

1. Reasons to hold a sales convention

A well-organized sales convention can offer countless benefits to participants and to the company.

With an increasingly competitive sales landscape, you have to have experience to stand out, applying sales techniques and staying motivated to reach the expected level of success.

The Sales Convention is an event where the company's new goals and strategies are conveyed to the entire team. The goal of the Sales Convention should be aligned with the company's strategic planning.

Convenção de vendas

2. Challenges of a sales convention

The biggest challenge at most Sales Conventions, regardless of segment, whether pharmaceutical, food, textile or industrial, is motivating and engaging not just the sales team, but everyone involved, in order to make the convention a milestone for the team and the company.

Enthusiasm, tenacity and alignment with targets and strategy need to be renewed at this kind of meeting. In the middle of all of this lies an excellent opportunity to pass along and update knowledge on new products and consumer trends.

Convenção de vendas

3. Planning a sales convention

Planning a sales convention, respecting each segment's needs and each client's expectations, is a complex task. An event that demands various types of expertise.  It requires experience, organization and innovation.

Planning is essential to knowing how to resolve unforeseen events and maintain the team's peace of mind. 

After it is finalized, planning will serve as the event's guide, to be consulted and updated daily during the process, which means you don't run the risk of forgetting a single detail.

Tips for a successful convention

Convenção de vendas


Planning is the basis of everything, but you can never be certain that something won't come up on the day of the event. In the planning stage, you can plan for the countless surprises that can come up, and this will equip you and your team to find the best solutions.



Defining a theme for a sales convention event is a task involving several areas, since the goal of the convention, the current economic situation and the profile of the public must be considered. Everything should be in harmony so that the participants are involved.

Convenção de vendas


Countless hotels and spaces for events are prepared for these conventions. Choosing the type of location, a suitable physical space, travel time, accommodations, etc., are some of the essential items that must be considered.

Convenção de vendas


A good orator is not always the best speaker. The market is full of different styles and profiles. From the most traditional to stand-up comedy styles. Know which is best suited to the audience at your sales convention.

Convenção de vendas


Clear and objective publicity for your event is key to its success. Creation of gifts, shirts, interactions and surprises for participants is part of this phase. Make the rules and what the company expects from the event clear.

Want to hold an unforgettable sales convention?

R1 Audiovisual has 14 years of experience in the corporate events market, working with innovative solutions in:

  • Scenography with tensioned fabric (100% sustainable),
  • Sound,
  • Projection,
  • Lighting,
  • Virtual reality and other new technologies,
  • Rental of equipment for translation and
  • A highly professional and qualified team.

In addition to all of this, R1 Audiovisual has one advantage: there are over 43 points of service at various hotels and in events spaces across Brazil, including:

Blue Tree
Royal Palm Plaza
WTC Events
Expo Center Norte
Grand Hyatt



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